Deviled Egg Sandwich     12

  lettuce, tomato and onion on Acme 


Meatball Sandwich     14

  topped with marinara and mozzarella 

  on Acme sweet deli roll

Third Pound Cheese Burger     13

   USDA chuck angus beef, lettuce, tomato

   onion, garlic aioli and choice of cheese

   $1 extra each: bacon, mushroom

   caramelized onion, $1.50 avocado

BLT     12

   smoked applewood center cut bacon,

   tomato, lettuce and garlic aioli on Acme 


   add avocado $1.50

Tuna Melt     12

   albacore tuna with cheddar cheese

   on Acme sourdough

Pulled Pork Sandwich     13

   slow cooked pork, bbq sauce, cole slaw

   and crispy onions on ciabatta 

Chicken n' Biscuit Sliders     12

   fried chicken tenders, cole slaw

   and garlic aioli on hot house made biscuits

Ortega Melt     13

   roast beef or chicken, ortega chiles, 

   cheddar cheese on Acme sourdough

French Dip     13

   roast beef and au jus on Acme sweet

   deli roll

Garden Burger     12

  made with tofu, roasted corn, black

  beans, red and green bell peppers,

  bread crumbs and egg

  topped with lettuce, tomato, onion

  and garlic aioli

  $1 extra each: bacon, mushroom and 

  caramelized onions $1.50 avocado

Grilled Cheese     12

  sharp cheddar, avocado, tomato and 

  caramelized onion

  add bacon $1


Gluten free bread or bun available

upon request $1

Cheese Options

Sandwiches with Fries

Fettuccini Alfredo     17

   served with garlic bread

   add chicken or shrimp $5

Mac and Cheese     17

   house shredded 4 cheese blend with

   caramelized onions

   add bacon $1

Spaghetti Marinera     16

   served with garlic bread

   add 3 meatballs $4

Chicken Pot Pie     16

Caesar Wrap     10

   romaine, parmesan and caesar dressing

   wrapped in a warm tortilla

   add chicken or shrimp $5

Southwest Chipotle Wrap     15

   spring mix, roasted corn, seasoned black

   beans, onion, tomato, bacon crumbles, 

   chicken and chipotle ranch wrapped in a 

   warm tortilla

Potato Salad....4   Cole Slaw....4

Fries....4  Sweet Potato Fries....5

Sub soup or sweet potato fries     2

Monterey Jack, Pepper Jack, Cheddar, 

American, Goat, Blue and Swiss


Wraps with Fries